Personal Information Collection Statement


1. Pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("The Ordinance"), Just Service HK Ltd (JSHK) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our Clients by taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information you provide to us are properly stored.


2. The personal information that we collect and/or hold includes your contact information, financial background, policy details, transaction records, medical and health affairs.


3. Your personal information may be used and retained by us for the following purposes:

  • Processing your application for providing the proper financial planning products or services;

  • Facilitating the daily operation of the services provided to you; Providing after sales service to you;

  • Enabling us to comply with any applicable industry practices, or to comply with obligations to or requests from government agencies or regulatory authorities; and

  • Marketing of products and services as carried by JSHK or its affiliated companies.

4. Your personal information held by JSHK will be kept strictly confidential but we may disclose or transfer your personal information to the following parties (whether within or outside Hong Kong) for the purposes mentioned above:

  • Our affiliated companies, our professional financial consultants and any other persons under a duty of confidentiality to JSHK;

  • Any agent, third party contractor or service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, banking, letter-shop or other services to JSHK in connection with the operation of its business;

  • Any person to whom JSHK is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirement of any law or regulation binding on JSHK


5. Under and in accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, you have the right:

  • To check whether JSHK holds and have access to any of your personal information;

  • To require JSHK to correct any personal information which is inaccurate;

  • To ascertain our policies and practices in relation to personal information and the types of personal information held by us.

6. In accordance with the Ordinance, JSHK has the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any request to access personal information.


7. All requests for access or correction of personal information should be addressed to:


Data Privacy Manager

Just Service HK Limited

Units 1205-08, Cyberport, 100 Cyberport Road

Hong Kong


For any enquiries regarding this Personal Information Collection Statement, please contact JSHK on 3618 6117 In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall apply and prevail.