Our company thinks outside the financial services box

We are online asset management specialists. We provide service, i.e. information and advice on savings, investment and pension plans.

We leverage technology to keep investors up to date with what is happening with their savings and investment plans, as well as markets as a whole.

We never sell or cold call! We are service providers, NOT sales people


How we are different

We believe everyone holding a savings or investment plan should be able to receive regular updates on what is happening with their money free of charge. This is the least people should expect from their financial advisory firm in the 21st century. Only where a Client chooses additional advisory services do we charge fees.


We know you want information about your investments where you want it and when you want it. That is why we have heavily invested in technology, our internet platform and mobile app. We put market news and information about your investments at your fingertips and in your pocket.

Beyond Borders:
Holistic Approach:

We respond to a variety of your financial requests. If your questions don’t fall within our areas of expertise, we find you resources and experts who can help you. We have a network of trustworthy partners who are available to assist our team and our clients.

Our team includes nationals from six countries across three continents. That is reflective of our approach to business as well. Our services do not get interrupted when you move countries or when you invest internationally. On the contrary, we pride ourselves on the fact that our reach and expertise span across multiple continents.

Ahead of the Regulation Curve:

Globally, rules and regulations continue to undergo major transformations. With our in-depth industry knowledge, we understand "best practices" and the changing expectations of regulators. Therefore, it is our ongoing objective to always exceed the standards expected for providing international financial advisory services.

Just Service's new technologies allow reporting direct from insurance companies and fund houses, replacing the slow and unreliable investment plan reporting. Service and mobile applications deliver ongoing service, the latest news and market commentary. This empowers our clients, making them more informed and able to do considerable research themselves before they make their decisions.

We are a young and innovative company who believe in challenging the status quo of our industry. We know better than anybody else when it comes to insurance linked investments there is a lack of service. We are here to fix that.

Why Just Service?

I set up my Zurich Vista retirement plan when I lived in Dubai. When I left Dubai my financial adviser transferred my plan to a colleague within his company who was unable and unwilling to help me further. I discovered Just Service could look after me with no cost and I now receive monthly updates and feel much more informed on what is going on with my pension

Sarah - Teacher

Transferred over to Just Service a few months ago and am very happy I have done so: Nicholas Jackson, my account manager, is very responsive and helpful. He provided great advice and helped me make necessary changes to my investment plans.  The JustService app is incredibly easy to use and great to keep track of plans and their performance. Definitely recommend him and the team.

Marie - Banker

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Before I moved to Just Service – I only heard from my adviser twice a year. Now I get monthly statements from Just Service, which I appreciate greatly as it gives me better visibility over all my savings. I also used a couple of different advisers before – so I had to keep in touch with a few accounts. Now I have everything being managed by Just Service – so I only have one point of contact which helps significantly. It is also a lot easier to arrange meeting up with the Just Service staff, for enquires and help, than all the other companies I have dealt with

Sunny - IT Architect

Just Service are a breath of fresh air, managing to make technology work in delivering concise monthly reports that are easy to read and understand, so I now have a clear picture of the performance and benchmarks within my policy portfolio without having to ask or dig around for it myself!

Ian - Hotel Development

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